Strategies to Improve Your Child
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Strategies to Improve Your Child

Strategies to Improve Your Child's Reading Skills

There are several strategies to improve your child's reading skills. These techniques cover Phonics, Phonemic awareness, Fluency, and Vocabulary. You may even want to combine several strategies. Here are some of them:

Phonemic awareness

Phonological awareness is an important skill for students to develop as they read and spell. Phonological awareness can be developed with a variety of tools, including phonics and phonemic awareness. Using pictures to teach children about phoneme patterns helps them understand how to read and spell words. Funemics is an interactive display of brightly illustrated pages and interactive widgets. It is entirely pre-grapheme, but also has a focus on phonics, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary.


Teaching reading through phonics has been controversial since its resurgence in the 1950s. In a landmark study by Dr. Harry E. Houtz, a longtime critic of phonics, argued for whole language instruction. A few decades later, Rudolf Flesch and Jeanne Chall attacked the lack of phonics instruction in a book, The Power of Silence.


In order for a student to become a proficient reader, they must develop automaticity with text. This automaticity allows a student to focus on meaning and decode the written word. To help students develop this skill, parents and teachers should read children's books and poems with them regularly. Listed below are some tips for parents who are trying to help struggling readers. Learn more about the components of a good reading routine. This article focuses on three important skills that a proficient reader should have.


As a student develops their reading skills, vocabulary is an important part of the process. It supports reading development by increasing comprehension, and students with low vocabulary typically struggle with reading. According to a National Reading Panel report, the complex comprehension process is crucial for reading success, and vocabulary plays a significant role in this process. However, there are many myths about how much vocabulary matters to reading development. Here are five myths about vocabulary and reading comprehension that will help you make the most of this valuable tool.


While there is no specific formula for improving your comprehension skills, there are a number of strategies that you can employ. First, make sure that you have a wide variety of texts to read. This will enable you to develop a variety of reading skills. Then, you should practice reading at a steady pace. If you find yourself struggling with a particular text, you can practice summarizing it and rereading it later.