New Features in Mac OS Ventura
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New Features in Mac OS Ventura

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at some of the new features in 맥OS 벤투라. In particular, we'll talk about Continuity Camera, Spotlight, and Passkey. We'll also take a look at the Mail app. We'll cover what to expect from the new features, and how to use them. After all, the new operating system is all about making your life easier.


맥OS 벤투라

While many of the new features in macOS Ventura are minor, there are a few notable changes to look for. Spotlight has been updated to add Live Text integration and will search for text within images. Rich results will also be available, and you'll be able to run tasks directly from Spotlight. Spotlight will also support more types of searches, including search for businesses, artists, movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Previously, you couldn't search for things in images. Also, iPhone apps are coming to Mac OS Ventura, and they'll be optimized for big screens.

Another notable update is a new feature called Quick Look. Quick Look allows users to search photos, files, and even the web using Spotlight. It can also detect Live Text within images and can fetch information on a variety of subjects. Spotlight also has new Live Text functionality, allowing users to extract text without leaving the window they're using. This feature will be included in iOS 16 and will be available from the home screen on the iPhone.


Apple's latest update to its macOS operating system, macOS Ventura, will introduce Passkey as a replacement for passwords. Passkeys will make it easier for users to sign in to sites and apps without having to remember their passwords. They will work on all supported Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads. Here are three ways passkeys work:

First, they will be available in the Fall as a free update for compatible models. Passkey for macOS Ventura supports the password-less standard in Safari. Passkeys are virtual passwords that live on the device, and are used to log in with Face ID and Touch ID. MacOS Ventura will help protect users from hacking attacks by keeping their machines protected between reboots and updates. Here are some additional details about the new update.

The new macOS version also brings improvements to Spotlight, Apple's system-wide feature for finding files. You can now find images in your photo library, and use Spotlight to search for text within images. Additionally, Spotlight will be able to display richer results. Finally, Spotlight will now support searching for artists, movies, TV shows, businesses, and sports. And lastly, Apple has made it easier to use iPhone apps in macOS Ventura. With the new system, you can launch shortcuts directly from Spotlight.

Continuity Camera

Apple has unveiled the next version of macOS, codenamed Ventura. This new version comes with several new features, the most notable being Stage Manager. Stage Manager allows you to focus on a single task while switching between programs with ease. Other new features in this release include Continuity Camera, which will let you use your iPhone as a webcam for FaceTime and other video calls. This new release should be ready to use this fall, and will be available in beta build next month.

A new feature, Spotlight, will help you find images in your photo library. The search bar will now recognize text within an image and show a preview of the file. MacOS Ventura will also help protect your machine from attacks by replacing passwords with passkeys, which live on your device. The new update will be available to everyone later this fall as a free update. While many of these features aren't revolutionary, they are helpful.

Mail app

MacOS users should rejoice! Apple has finally brought out an updated version of its beloved Mail app. Compatible with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, it has several new features that will make it easier to work with. Among these improvements are search suggestions. By typing in a keyword, you'll be presented with suggestions that will correct any typos and provide the closest results. You can also set reminders to re-read unread emails.

Continuity will be better integrated with iOS and iPadOS. You can now make iPhone calls on your Mac's larger screen and use the iPhone as a separate camera. The Mail app will also support CenterStage, and a new ultrawide camera will make viewing emails easier. The new desk view will make use of your iPhone's camera and improve the overall lighting. It's possible to switch between apps with the click of a button.