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Born: 28th of August 2009 Solid Medium Brown
Orlando is a superb mid-brown male with correct conformation and attractive head. He has a very dense and soft handling fleece with a well defined high frequency crimp. Orlando's father is the multi-championship winning black stud: Virococha Prophecy of Anzac. His mother, Snowshill Perdita, is a blue black female by the well known Purston Peruvian Kim (D-Brown) out of Purston Lacewing (a show winning grey). Orlando started working in 2011 and is well worth considering for anyone wishing to breed browns or for generally adding colour to their herd. He has produced many stunning cria. All are short faced, very correctly conformed, big boned and with good solid coloured fleeces - browns, fawns, lights and blacks. A number of his off-spring are being highly placed in both halter and fleece shows. One of his sons, Snowshill Maserati, was champion brown male at the 2014 HoE Spring Fiesta and at the 2014 Royal Three Counties Show. Another son, Snowshill Rembrandt, was placed 1st in the junior male brown class at the 2014 Alpaca Showtime Event and a daughter, Snowshill Nakita was reserve champion light female at the 2014 Romsey Show. Maserati and Rembrandt were respectively Champion and Reserve Champion brown males at the 2015 Spring Fiesta. Bugatti and Virginia are other Championship winning off-spring. Orlando is one of those males who often produces off-spring that have a better fleece than his or that of the dam. In part, this could be due to genes inherited from his father, who retained a fineness below 19 microns up to at least his 7th fleece. Many of Orlando's cria are maintaining fleece fineness into adult and senior years.
Mobile Mate Fee: £550.00
Drive By Fee: £500.00
Registered With: The British Alpaca Society
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 26.00 microns
Standard Deviation 4.90 microns
Coefficient of Variation 18.70%
Fibres > than 30 microns 16.90%
Yield 4.22%

Sample Analysed: 27th of May 2014

Contact:   Roger Mount

Snowshill, Gloucestershire. 01386 853 841(07711044106)

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Inca Grampian
Born: 21st of June 2012 Black
Inca Grampian is a well grown and strong male who reached maturity attain early age. His conformation is very correct and he displays a true to type head, great proportion and he moves in a fluid motion and with great presence. he fleece on this male carries many of the positive traits expected in an elite herd sire. The fibre is very soft, dense, bright and uniform in micron right across the saddle and up into his neck. What makes this male special is the depth of quality and the uniformity in phenotype that his bloodlines share. The high level of quality running through both sides of his pedigree clearly produces excellent , predictable,progeny. Inca Grampian is the ideal male for those breeders looking to bring deep colour and well known current bloodlines into their herd
Mobile Mate Fee: £550.00
Drive By Fee: £400.00
On Farm Fee: £750.00
Registered With: BAS Registration BNBAS 05623
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 24.80 microns
Standard Deviation 5.40 microns
Coefficient of Variation 21.70%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Contact:   Harry & Roz Edwards

Mulberry Alpacas
Ellesmere/Wrexham, Denbighshire. 01978710224

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Reddingvale ULYSSES
Born: 20th of June 2014 Medium Fawn
Ulysses is a very well grown, large framed mid-fawn male with excellent conformation and a dense and characterful fleece. He has impressive names in his pedigree, including CME Tulaco Centurion and ILR Alpaca Fibre's Brutus. Ulysses' fleece is simply gorgeous, it has a very soft handle, is well organised with a long staple length. His fleece is fine, bright and uniform in both colour and fineness. He has excellent density and coverage. He has only attended the shows, and has an impressive two Reserve Champion sashes under his belt. Ulysses is a gentle and easy to handle male. He is starting his stud career in 2018 and will be available for limited outside matings.
Mobile Mate Fee: £600.00
Drive By Fee: £600.00
Registered With: BAS UKBAS25351
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 19.30 microns
Standard Deviation 4.20 microns
Coefficient of Variation 21.50%
Fibres > than 30 microns 5.00%
Yield 135.00%

Sample Analysed: 1st of October 2017

Contact:   Liz & Ian Giblin

Butlers Farm Alpacas
Ongar/Chelmsford, Essex. 01277 896565 / 07811 353105

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Popham Havengore
Born: 28th of May 2013 Solid White
Havengore (or Harry as he is affectionately known) is a truly outstanding male. The perfect combination of fineness, incredible density, crimp, brightness, coverage and conformation. These characteristics have led to a superb show career culminating in winning Supreme Champion Huacaya at the 2015 BAS Nationals as an intermediate male. With genetics including Accoyo Remarque, Cambridge Navigator, Brutus and Spartacus you can perhaps see why he is what he is. Even though Harry has been lightly used compared to some other top sires in this country the results of his progeny in the show ring are exceptional. Popham Churchill. Popham Gabine and Popham Lea all winners of their large classes at the 2018 Nationals.
Mobile Mate Fee: £650.00
Drive By Fee: £550.00
Registered With: BAS
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 20.40 microns
Standard Deviation 4.20 microns
Coefficient of Variation 20.50%
Fibres > than 30 microns 1.80%

Sample Analysed: 7th of September 2018

Contact:   Gary & Felicia Sanders

Popham Alpacas
Saltash, Cornwall. 01752 843518/ 07812145902

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Timbertop CT Goldmine ET of Beck Brow
Born: 12th of August 2008 Solid Light Fawn
Timbertop CT Goldmine ET was purchased from Beck Brow Alpacas in 2019 with a view to improving our own herd as well as bringing these elite genetics to the midlands area and making them more accessible to breeders large and small. Imported into the UK in October 2013, Goldmine spent 5 years as a working stud at Beck Brow Alpacas, siring 89 progeny to 2018, who between them have accumulated 35 championship sashes, 18 reserve champion sashes and 178 rosettes. Offering sought after Australian genetics this fawn male was sired by the renowned Patagonia Celtic Triumph (winner of seven Supreme Championships) and with Purrumbette El Dorado on both his dam and sire's sides, he really is something special. His dam Timbertop Miss Twiggy was used by Timbertop Stud in their ET programme, and has produced five certified stud males who are working both in Australia and Europe. With these genetics behind him it comes as no surprise that Goldmine has a stunning fleece. His fleece stats taken at five years (November 2012) are: MFD 17.4, SD 3, CV 17.1 % CF 100%. This is incredibly fine for a working male of this age. Add to this great density, fleece growth and uniformity of colour, Goldmine is superb at giving great fineness, density and organisation to his offspring, thus it doesn’t matter if you have a female who isn’t fine or particularly dense, he will do his magic. With a good female he takes them to the next level. He has had very good progeny to dams of all colours including grey. Goldmine is a compact male, perfectly balanced and with great strength of bone. He has a very stylish and true to type head shape, and has real presence in the paddock NWAG Alpaca Championships 2016 Goldmine is sire of: Champion Fawn Male Champion Brown Male Res Champion Light Male Res Champ Grey Female Res Champ Fawn Female BAS National Show 2018: Sire of: Fawn Female Champion & Reserve Light Male Champion.
Drive By Fee: £550.00
Registered With: AAA BAS
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 17.40 microns
Standard Deviation 3.00 microns
Coefficient of Variation 17.10%

Sample Analysed: 10th of November 2012

Contact:   Angela Wilson

Acton Hill Alpacas
Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire. 07980663276

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Beck Brown Back Of The Net
Born: 17th of May 2016 Solid Dark Brown
Beck Brow Back Of The Net is an outstanding young brown herdsire, who joined Blackberry In May 2018, he is now jointly owned by Blackberry and Caledonia. BOTN started matings at the age of 24 months and already has 4 females pregnant, all pregnant from first service His fleece is fine, dense and very organised throughout. His uniformity of micron, demonstrated with his low SD, gives his rich brown fleece a soft buttery feel. He is a compact male who has a very good strength of bone, a solid frame, and true to type head. His dam; Bozedown Campari is a championship winning brown female, who is very consistent in her progeny, providing him with two full siblings of equal quality. Back of The Net is a multi-championship winning male. After a very successful show season as a junior, he has again excelled as an Intermediate, taking Champion Brown Fleece at the BAS National Show 2018 and Brown Male Champion at the NWAG Championships 2018 (his only two shows entered this year). Fleece Stats MFD: 15.9, SD 3.5. CV 22.1% CF 100% (AAFT May 2017) Limited outside services available. We are offering a Drive By service at either Caledonia Alpacas (Falkirk) or Blackberry Alpacas (Lancashire)
Drive By Fee: £750.00
Registered With: BAS
Huacaya Proven
Standard Deviation 3.50 microns
Coefficient of Variation 22.10%

Contact:   Harvey & Claudeen Brown

Blackberry Alpacas
Laneshawbridge, Lancashire. 07980948831

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Accoyo Amadeus of Suri Stud
Born: 16th of November 2010 Solid White
When we first saw this male at just over a year old, he was still in his first fleece – which was hugely dense and uniformly locked on this tremendously well built young male. He has a highly lustrous fleece that organised itself into locks once again very quickly after shearing. His first fleece was so dense that his locks were almost flat close to the skin. Amadeus is a full Accoyo and his sire, LCA Accoyo Rico, has both Inca and Bruxo in his pedigree. On his dam, Snowbelle’s side, she has Uribe, Apache II and Bruxo again. Leslie Loveless (his breeder and former owner of Macgyver) really rated LCA Accoyo Rico and she paid $6000 at auction for his mating as he was closed for outside matings at the time. Amadeus is jointly owned by us and West Wight Alpacas via our JV - Suri Stud. He is currently standing at West Wight but with short notice can be made available at Spring Farm.
Mobile Mate Fee: £650.00
Drive By Fee: £650.00
On Farm Fee: £650.00
Registered With: BAS
Suri Proven
Average Micron Count 22.58 microns
Standard Deviation 4.80 microns
Coefficient of Variation 21.40%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Sample Analysed: 15th of May 2013

Contact:   Vicki and Chris Agar

Spring Farm Alpacas
Uckfield, East Sussex. 01825 790885

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Wimmera Skies Jacomo of Woodbine (Imp)
Born: 24th of December 2010 Solid Black
Jacomo has an excellent pedigree including top Australian show winners, such as the great Leajay My Nightmare and Manna-gum Farm Show Time. He has an amazing fine fleece, unusually so for a black alpaca, with brightness, very soft handle, high density and long staple length. 2014 fleece stats 19.4micron SD4.0 CF97.6% - this is amazing for a three year old black
Mobile Mate Fee: £800.00
Drive By Fee: £800.00
On Farm Fee: £800.00
Registered With: UKBAS20220
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 23.90 microns
Standard Deviation 5.10 microns
Coefficient of Variation 21.30%
Fibres > than 30 microns 10.80%

Sample Analysed: 20th of May 2016

Contact:   David Cooper and Pauline Sandell

Woodbine Farm Alpacas
Weybread, Suffolk. 01379 854454

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Surico Travatore of Houghton
Born: 19th of July 2007 Solid White
We imported this fine male Travatore from New Zealand for his exceptional quality of fleece and outstanding breeding, we just couldn't resist him. He has a solid compact frame with perfect conformation. His fleece exhibits extreme density and superb lustre. He is well covered with a fine, soft handle and independent locks from head to toe. He brings unique Accoyo genetics, with his sire being Surilana Parsifel who himself has had 57 Supremes and 200 broad ribbons awarded to his progeny. Travatore like his father is exhibiting exceptional suri traits; seeing his progeny excel in the 2014 show ring gaining a first in every show attended. With his daughter Royal Duchess scooping Supreme at six shows! 2015 was another superb year for his progeny with Houghton Maddox taking home a Supreme Champion ribbon, and others taking home Champion and a Reserve Supreme Champion titles showing his genetics are still proving to be formidable competition in the ring. 2017 was another bumper year for Travatore Progeny. What will 2018 bring? Please Note: No Houghton Hall Stud males are not available for services in 2017 outside the BAS Stud Auction.
Registered With: BAS - UKBAS12688
Suri Proven
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Sample Analysed: 31st of March 2012

Contact:   Mick and Liz George

Houghton Hall Alpacas
Houghton, Cambridgeshire. 07764 469132 07860 430280

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Barnacre Sandstorm
Born: 10th of July 2009 Solid Light Fawn
Double Fawn Champion in the show ring backed up by amazing genetics from some of the best known alpacas in the world, a brilliant fleece, great personality and a super colour - blimey! Genetics - Jolimont Commisario, Cambridge Buckingham, NWA Ltd Ruffo and EP Peruvian Irraqouy. Stunning! Fleece - 15.3 micron ultrafine first fleece holding a 21.2 micron fine 3rd fleece. Second fleece results still awaited. Personality - friendly and proud. Colour - lovely golden light fawn, beautiful! A Double Champion - Fawn Champion at 2011 Border Union Show and 2012 Westmorland County Show. Sandstorm's first and only progeny was born July 2012 and is a beautiful dark fawn girl called Karishma (dam: medium fawn). The fleece and head type have to be seen! We have one of our core herd (the super friendly Lady Godiva, fawn) for sale who is carrying Sandstorm genetics and will give birth in 2013. All Barnacre Stud services come with: - We guarantee a live cria on the ground (for 7 days) or a free return mating to any Barnacre stud. - Excellent value returning female rate for future stud services - After sales backup service including 24 hour, 365 day telephone support - Agistment/livery available - Guaranteed years of absolute pleasure!!!
Mobile Mate Fee: £450.00
Drive By Fee: £450.00
Registered With: British Alpaca Society (BAS)
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 21.20 microns
Standard Deviation 4.90 microns
Coefficient of Variation 23.10%
Fibres > than 30 microns 5.10%
Yield 3.90%

Sample Analysed: 16th of May 2012

Contact:   Debbie and Paul Rippon

Barnacre Alpacas
Northumberland, Northumberland. 07903347790

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