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Wyona Sunburst
Born: 12th of April 2010 Rose Grey
Undefeated quintuple (5 times) grey champion, one of the best Rose Grey alpacas in the world? Wyona Sunburst of Karkawarri arrived in the UK in 2012. He was carefully selected in Australia by Anzac Alpacas to join their sister stud ‘Karkawarri Alpaca Stud’ that specialises in breeding grey and black alpacas. With an incredible fleece displaying characteristics only found in superior whites, Sunburst has a very fine, bright fleece with great density and superior crimp style carried from head to toe. Bred from a family of Champions, Sunburst is a highly advanced grey male who is from the most elite grey lines in Australia. Bloodlines include: Blue Grass Waterloo Sunset, Pinjarra Buenisimo, Jolimont Warrior and Jolimont Conquistador. His Australian show record is outstanding including 1st place Junior Grey Male at the 2012 Australian Alpaca Association National Show, the biggest most competitive show in Australia. An undefeated quintuple (5 times) grey champion in the UK, Sunburst has the true eye catching presence we demand from our stud sires. When we first saw him at the 2012 Westmorland County Show he blew us and everyone else away. He went on to win 1st Grey Adult Male, Grey Champion and then in the Champion line up was Highly Commended by judge Cathy Lloyd – a grey in the running for Supreme Champion?! As soon as we got our hands on his fleece we entered it in the 2012 Alpaca Futurity fleece show, this was rewarded with 1st place Adult Grey and then Grey Champion. His third Championship was the 2012 National Fleece Show where he was awarded 1st place Adult Grey then Adult Champion – yes this was an age Championship and he beat all colours including white! Championship number 4 came at the 2013 Westmorland County Show where he again was awarded 1st Grey Adult Male and Grey Champion by judge Tim Hey who was highly complementary. His fifth Grey Championship was awarded at the 2013 Yorkshire Alpaca Group Show after he won 1st Grey Adult Male. Judge Mary-Jo Smith said he was a worthy winner and a truly macho male. Grey Alpacas always attract attention in the field and it is our most heavily demanded natural knitwear colour. We recommend Sunburst over your grey, black and fawn females so to book a mating or arrange a viewing please contact us. Sunburst arrived at Barnacre on 11 March 2013.
Mobile Mate Fee: £575.00
Drive By Fee: £600.00
Registered With: British Alpaca Society / Australian Alpaca Association
Huacaya Unproven
Average Micron Count 21.80 microns
Standard Deviation 4.30 microns
Coefficient of Variation 19.60%
Fibres > than 30 microns 3.70%

Sample Analysed: 19th of May 2013

Contact:   Debbie and Paul Rippon

Barnacre Alpacas
NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Northumberland. 07903347790

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Alpaca Stud Inca Fusion
Born: 24th of May 2004 Solid Medium Fawn
This is a truly amazing fawn Suri. As a youngster, he displayed a tremendous lustre in a very stylish and well-locked fleece exhibited uniformly across the body. His cria have delighted us and over the last few years formed a major part of our show team, earning Fusion the 2011 British Alpaca Futurity Suri Champion Herdsire. A force to be reckoned with given his proven pre-potency, he will be part of our breeding strategy for years to come.
Mobile Mate Fee: £750.00
Drive By Fee: £750.00
On Farm Fee: £750.00
Registered With: BAS UKBAS02941 Co-Owned with Spring Farm Alpacas
Suri Proven
Average Micron Count 24.80 microns
Standard Deviation 5.86 microns
Coefficient of Variation 23.60%
Fibres > than 30 microns 11.50%

Sample Analysed: 7th of June 2008

Contact:   Nick Harrington-Smith & Shirley Isseyegh

Alpaca Evolution
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. +447979651742

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Alpaca Stud Nyetimber
Born: 19th of July 2007 Medium Grey
Nyetimber is without question the most outstanding grey alpaca to be found anywhere in Europe. He has now won over 27 grey championships, beating off all-comers of all ages. With his fantastic conformation allied to a fleece worthy of any white stud male this Jaquinto son offers the complete package for either the specialist breeder of grey alpacas or indeed colours. He has produced a significant number of grey progeny and, whatever the colour, the quality and consistency of fleece being seen is nothing short of remarkable, with his progeny, even at such relatively young ages, going on to win broad ribbons. His crowning accomplishment, in winning champion Herdsire at the 2013 British Alpaca Futurity, beating all-comers including whites, is testament to just how valuable a Herdsire this boy is. The high percentage of greys and the quality of the progeny certainly influenced our decision to secure a half share in Nyetimber! In 2011, 8 Bozedown females were covered by Nyetimber and we were thrilled with the results; 6 females and 2 males, of which 4 were grey female crias. We are very pleased with the continuing percentage of greys as they are very hard to reproduce. And not only that, but the overall quality of Nyetimber's progeny is quite exceptional.
Drive By Fee: £1,200.00
Registered With: BAS
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 21.00 microns
Standard Deviation 4.30 microns
Coefficient of Variation 20.50%
Fibres > than 30 microns 3.40%

Sample Analysed: 15th of May 2012

Contact:   Mary-Jo Smith

Bozedown Alpacas
Pangbourne, Berkshire, Oxfordshire. 0118 984 3827

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EP Cambridge Strike Gold
Born: 2nd of April 2008 Solid Dark Fawn
Strike Gold is our residing fawn stud sire at Baydon boasting regal bloodlines with EP Cambridge Valour as his sire who in turn is sired by none other than EP Cambridge Spartacus. Valour was National Champion male as an adult and Spartacus has produced many more champion and supreme champions throughout the world, notably EP Cambridge Navigator the undefeated Supreme in the UK in 2009 and 2012 A stunning dark fawn male exhibiting all the fleece characteristics one desires in the perfect alpaca. Strike Gold is proving to be a super sire with his cria blowing our expectations everytime!
Mobile Mate Fee: £700.00
Drive By Fee: £700.00
On Farm Fee: £700.00
Registered With: Australian Alpaca Association British Alpaca Society
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 19.80 microns
Standard Deviation 3.80 microns
Coefficient of Variation 19.20%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Sample Analysed: 28th of September 2010

Contact:   Matthew and Catherine Lloyd

EP Cambridge UK
Baydon, Wiltshire. 01672 541555 or 07894568331

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EP Cambridge Fortitude (Imp)
Born: 17th of December 2006 Solid White
EP Cambridge Fortitude is a rare release from the EP Cambridge Core herd. Not only does he herald from one of the herd’s female dynasties but he is the son of EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus, sire to EP Cambridge Navigator the undefeated Supreme British Champion in 2009 and 2010. Sire also to EP Cambridge Samson who not only was crowned Supreme Champion at the Heart of England has now sired the Supreme Champion from this year's SWAG show. (The Diplomat). Fortitude's Granddame, EP Cambridge Peruvian Octavia, had only two progeny following her importation from Peru but both were to be of the highest possible quality. Her first was the famous EP Cambridge Valour who became a national champion in 2004 and is now in the top 5 of stud males at EP Cambridge – given the stiff competition this is no small accomplishment. Even today Valour is achieving stunning results as a mature male on the competitive Australian show circuit. The second of Octavia’s progeny was a daughter named EP Cambridge Khairunissa, dam of Fortitude. The daughter of Jolimont Conquistador and Octavia was always destined to be amongst the most elite of EP Cambridge breeding females. With Fortitude made Reserve Champion junior male at the 2007 AAA National Show and Sale her place was secured. Fortitude has so much depth and success in his lineage we at EP Cambridge feel certain that his breeding career, which commenced in the latter part of the 2008/2009 breeding season, will be unrivalled in its success. EP Cambridge Fortitude was screened for entry to the BAS registry on 26th June 2009. Official confirmation of his pass was given on the 13th July 2009.
Drive By Fee: £750.00
Registered With: AAA and BAS
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 20.40 microns
Standard Deviation 4.50 microns
Coefficient of Variation 22.00%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Contact:   Matthew and Catherine Lloyd

EP Cambridge UK
Baydon, Wiltshire. 01672 541555 or 07894568331

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Classical MileEnd Tulaco Centurion
Born: 5th of May 2004 Solid Medium Fawn
Centurion is an upstanding medium fawn male who is a proven stud sire with over 100 progeny, many of whom have gone on to win ribbons in their own right, displaying Centurions brightness, density and structure in their . We purchased Centurion in 2011 bringing new bloodlines into our herd as we were impressed by his and his offspring's show results. Centurions fleece is exceptionally bright and dense with good structure and high amplitude to the crimp, extending well down the legs.He is without doubt a true herd sire. He is now one of our newest stud males, so look no further for a fawn male to bring something special to your herd. His progeny continue to achieve great show success. Please note: No Houghton Hall Stud males are available for service in 2017 outside the BAS National Stud Auction.
Registered With: British Alpaca Society UKBAS03045 CME133
Huacaya Proven
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Sample Analysed: 30th of March 2012

Contact:   Mick and Liz George

Houghton Hall Alpacas
Houghton, Cambridgeshire. 07764 469132 07860 430280

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Urcuchillay Smokin' Ace
Born: 10th of March 2010 Medium Grey
Ace has a super soft handling fleece that shows a fine high frequency crimp that is even through his saddle and his extremities. Although a dominate male with a commanding presence, he has a gentle nature that makes him an absolute pleasure to work with.
Mobile Mate Fee: £450.00
Drive By Fee: £350.00
Registered With: BAS - URCBASUK001 ANNZ - IAR 1005831
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 21.10 microns
Standard Deviation 4.90 microns
Coefficient of Variation 23.20%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Sample Analysed: 1st of January 2012

Contact:   Carla and Andre

Urcuchillay Alpacas
Glastonbury, Somerset. 01458860052 / 07570511299

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Classical MileEnd Rococo
Born: 31st of July 2014 Solid Light Brown
Rococo has a strong, solid frame and is a beautifully balanced male. He has a deep broad chest and is well muscled throughout. He has a true to type head style and stands very proudly as a true macho should do. He has tremendous fibre coverage and grows an excellent staple length. The fibre on this male is fine, dense, soft handling, very bright and has a well defined high amplitude, high frequency crimp style along the length of the staple. Rococo is very uniform in colour and very uniform in micron from his rump through his midside to his shoulder. With plenty of colour in his illustrious pedigree we feel Rococo will make a serious impression on the coloured alpaca scene in the UK over the next few years.
Mobile Mate Fee: £500.00
Drive By Fee: £450.00
Registered With: BAS - UKBAS30857
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 23.60 microns
Standard Deviation 4.40 microns
Coefficient of Variation 18.70%
Fibres > than 30 microns 7.00%
Yield 4.72%

Sample Analysed: 26th of May 2017

Contact:   Mark & Sue Steele

Patou Alpacas
Chilmark, Wiltshire. 01747870222 Mob: 0788 0542260

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Born: 8th of October 2011 Solid White
Hero is a truly stunning macho male who has inherited superb traits in both conformation and fleece from his mutli-award winning parentage, including the infamous Supreme Champion Sire, Cambridge Navigator. Like his Dad, Hero is a well grown alpaca with a large, strong frame and solid bone structure. Hero's fleece is truly wonderful – it is fine, bright and highly uniform. It has exceptional density and length of staple. Hero’s fleece achieved 100% comfort factor and a spinning fineness of just 15.5 micron. He is packing a huge amount of fleece on his frame, his last blanket weighing 4kg. Hero is a good-natured alpaca and a delight to work with. He really is a complete package and he would complement well many females, white or coloured. Neither Hero, or his fleece, have ever been shown. Hero's first progeny were born in 2016 - just two cria, but they are exceptional in their fleeces. The cria are available to view on farm.
Mobile Mate Fee: £500.00
Drive By Fee: £500.00
On Farm Fee: £500.00
Registered With: BAS UKBAS21649
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 16.30 microns
Standard Deviation 3.00 microns
Coefficient of Variation 18.20%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%
Yield 4.00%

Sample Analysed: 1st of October 2014

Contact:   Liz & Ian Giblin

Butlers Farm Alpacas
Ongar/Chelmsford, Essex. 01277 896565 / 07811 353105

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Livanti Didier
Born: 8th of May 2007 Solid White
Almost 100% comfort factor on this fine fleeced sire, with wonderful handle and density
Mobile Mate Fee: £400.00
Drive By Fee: £350.00
On Farm Fee: £450.00
Registered With: BAS
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 21.10 microns
Standard Deviation 3.90 microns
Coefficient of Variation 18.30%
Fibres > than 30 microns 0.80%

Sample Analysed: 4th of June 2015

Contact:   Jacki Barlow

Beacon Alpacas
Thirsk, North Yorkshire. 01347 868879 or 07716917315

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