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Born: 8th of October 2011 Solid White
Hero is a truly stunning macho male who has inherited superb traits in both conformation and fleece from his mutli-award winning parentage, including the infamous Supreme Champion Sire, Cambridge Navigator. Like his Dad, Hero is a well grown alpaca with a large, strong frame and solid bone structure. Hero's fleece is truly wonderful – it is fine, bright and highly uniform. It has exceptional density and length of staple. Hero’s fleece achieved 100% comfort factor and a spinning fineness of just 15.5 micron. He is packing a huge amount of fleece on his frame, his last blanket weighing 4kg. Hero is a good-natured alpaca and a delight to work with. He really is a complete package and he would complement well many females, white or coloured. Neither Hero, or his fleece, have ever been shown. Hero's first progeny were born in 2016 - just two cria, but they are exceptional in their fleeces. The cria are available to view on farm.
Mobile Mate Fee: £500.00
Drive By Fee: £500.00
On Farm Fee: £500.00
Registered With: BAS UKBAS21649
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 16.30 microns
Standard Deviation 3.00 microns
Coefficient of Variation 18.20%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%
Yield 4.00%

Sample Analysed: 1st of October 2014

Contact:   Ian Giblin

Butlers Farm Alpacas
Ongar/Chelmsford, Essex. 01277 896565 / 07811 353105

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Toft Klondike
Born: 27th of July 2016 Solid Medium Fawn
Klondike is a stunning male from an excellent line of top quality Australian genetics. He maintains a dense, uniform fleece with a consistent coverage. He has a strong frame with a well balanced conformation and a striking true to type head.
Mobile Mate Fee: £550.00
Drive By Fee: £500.00
On Farm Fee: £650.00
Registered With: British Alpaca Society
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 19.90 microns
Standard Deviation 3.60 microns
Coefficient of Variation 18.30%
Fibres > than 30 microns 1.30%

Sample Analysed: 1st of May 2018

Contact:   Charlotte

Orchard Corner Alpacas
Grantham, Lincolnshire. 07506 595182

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GLR The Synergist
Born: 24th of September 2007 Solid Black
Having won 4 championships in his short show career in the USA we of course had high expectations, expectations he has exceeded. It doesn?t seem to matter what quality of female you use him across the result is always a huge improvement on the dam. He is putting sumptuous colour in to his progeny, always on a strong a true to type frame, with lock style, fineness and density usually only found in whites, and all with good lustre but with some showing a lustre that is simply breath taking. Once again the breeding shows through in this boy with none other than MacGyver, famous in the USA for his pre-potency, as grandsire, The Synergist is certainly living up to his name. With cria from Alpaca Stud Fusion daughters already wowing us, and indeed judges, our confidence in this male has been proven well founded. At the 2013 British Alpaca Futurity his progeny scored the same number of points as the winning Herdsire which was a white. He has unequivocally earned his place as one of our ?Blue Blood? Herdsires through his progeny. Co-Owned with Farraway Alpacas & Pure Alpacas
Drive By Fee: £800.00
Registered With: BAS No. 31115360[ARI]
Suri Proven
Average Micron Count 34.70 microns
Standard Deviation 7.00 microns
Coefficient of Variation 20.30%
Fibres > than 30 microns 71.40%
Yield 2.10%

Sample Analysed: 5th of May 2014

Contact:   Nick Harrington-Smith & Shirley Isseyegh

Alpaca Evolution
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. +447979651742

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Artwork B.R Inti
Born: 13th of July 2020 Solid Medium Fawn
A uniquely handsome fawn and perhaps the top male we have from the International and Multi Champion Snowmass Bronze Royalty of ARW, from a mating with National Brown Champion Inca Innuendo. Bronze Royalty needs no introduction, having won Champion at the Kansas Futurity and at shows in UK. He counts non other than Snowmass Matrix in his pedigree, not to mention one of the top ever black huacayas, Snowmass Royal Malaika. Inti's Dam is the handsome Inca Innuendo, National Champion, a Jack of Spades daughter. He will start working early Spring, and stud services from Inti will only be available for the National Show Auction and a further top mating. Inti won Champion Fawn Male at the East of England Show and Reserve Champion Fawn Male at the Midlands Championship Show. He has a most beautiful fleece, which was 14.4 microns at the first cut, and 15.9 microns at the latest shearing, still retaining an SD of only 3.
Registered With: UKBAS38641
Huacaya Unproven
Average Micron Count 15.90 microns
Standard Deviation 3.00 microns
Coefficient of Variation 19.00%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%

Sample Analysed: 6th of May 2021

Contact:   Ken Freivokh

Artwork Alpacas
Rogate, West Sussex. 07785 258740

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Stoneleigh Fire Dragon of Ashwood
Born: 17th of December 2016 Solid White
*******ONLY AVIALABLE FOR THE NATIONAL***** ***************** STUD AUCTION ****************** Stoneleigh Fire Dragons 1st cria was born in 2020 and did not disappoint fleeces from ****** M12.6 SD 2.6 CV 20.5 CF 100% ********* National Stud auction mating to be done at Ashwood Farm Alpacas Stoneleigh Fire Dragon of Ashwood(co owned by Sara Claydon) is NOT AVIALBLE FOR OUTSIDE MATINGS(except National stud auction) Ashwood alpacas are thrilled to announce the arrivial of Stoneleigh Fire Dragon of Ashwood and I belive he is the only son of Stoneleigh Valentio, in the UK, this awesome male carries completely new genetics here in the UK ,he has already been put to work here at Ashwood Alpacas and has his 1st confirmed pregnancys at Ashwood Alpacas. This male comes from elite predicable genetics,Fire Dragon's sire is 7 times National Supreme Champion Stoneleigh Valentino;Valentino won his last National Supreme Championship in 2019 at the age of ten years of age.Fire Dragon's dam,Stoneleigh Flambella,was still being shown at four years of age,finally retiring after winning her last Supreme title under USA judge Amanda VanDen Bosch. Stoneleigh Fire Dragon has been shown three times since his arrivial in the UK and in every case done extremely well winning multi championships two Supreme Championships and one Reserve Supreme Championship. Stoneleigh Fire Dragon was shown at the largest shows in New Zealand over the last Two years he has won many Supremes and Championships throughout his show career,under highly respected judges in the international alpaca industry
Registered With: BAS also IAR
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 15.40 microns
Standard Deviation 3.10 microns
Coefficient of Variation 20.00%

Contact:   Steve Powell

Bath/Bristol/Chippenham, Wiltshire. 01179373862/m07977889262

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Inca Lewesdon
Born: 17th of August 2017 Solid Black
Inca Lewesdon has been a quietly kept secret here at Inca and now is the time to bring him forward as he takes a major role in our breeding programme. Bred from 2019 BAS National Show Champion, Beck brow Jimmy Choos and from Inca Hoity Toity who herself is a champion and from a highly decorated line that has produced alpacas such as Inca Gratitude, Inca Jealousy and Inca Hallmark. This male has been selected to be used as a sire as he brings another dimension to the Jimmy Choos line. He is very robust and has great substance of bone and strength. His fleece is extremely dense, long stapled, which his dam’s line is famous for, and the fibres are uniform in colour and micron. With the additional black genetics originating from his dam, Inca Lewesdon gives us a valuable option where colour needs to be brought to the fore whilst still adding high quality and productivity. Thissire has also been selected due to his fast growth, early weaning, early maturation and aversion to worms, coccidia and mites. Inca Lewesdon is NOT availble for outside stud services in 2021
Registered With: British Alpaca Society - UKBAS37455
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 21.90 microns
Standard Deviation 4.70 microns
Coefficient of Variation 21.50%
Fibres > than 30 microns 5.70%
Yield 109.00%

Sample Analysed: 20th of April 2020

Contact:   Tim Hey

Inca Alpaca
Dorchester, Dorset. 07875 532827

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Born: 2nd of September 2017 Solid Black
Inca Legacy is the result of many years of careful selective breeding by Inca Alpaca. He is a well grown male that weaned early and has maintained optimum health as he has grown. Inca Legacy began working towards the end of 2019 mating season. Legacy's first two cria arrived summer of 2020 and we are very pleased with both of them. Please see the photo of Old Felton Freedom showing how Legacy has really made an impact. Freedom is carrying a fine dense fleece covering a solid frame and displaying a beautiful head type. Conformationally this male is correct in every area; he moves extremely well and has a frame that demands attention. His fleece exhibits very advanced traits that are easy to spot. It's dense, extremely fine, long stapled - growing at 0.46mm per day and the fibres are bright and uniform. The breeding behind Inca Legacy is very special. His dam is not only a multiple show winner, but her sibling, Blackberry Jacknife was the 2018 BAS National Show Champion Male. Inca Elise is also the full sister to Inca Balboa, so the pedigree is full of quality proven bloodlines. During 2019 Inca Legacy proved himself in both halter and fleece shows. He would suit an advanced black breeding programme to act as a finishing male over bay and true black females.
Registered With: British Alpaca Society - UKBAS32501
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 19.40 microns
Standard Deviation 4.40 microns
Coefficient of Variation 22.60%
Fibres > than 30 microns 1.40%

Sample Analysed: 20th of September 2018

Contact:   Jackie Watson

Rivenherd Alpacas
Alnwick, Northumberland. 01670783064

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Born: 6th of July 2016 Solid Dark Fawn
Fowberry Constantine is the result of some truly elite genetics in the Fowberry herd. He is available for stud services now he has his first cria on the ground. Constantine was awarded BAS National Supreme Champion in 2017 - this is the Judge oral reasoning from the video stream: This male displays the phenotype we aspire to, with a very, very bright, highly organised fleece, giving all the indications of fineness and uniformity and that is what we found. But most impressive was his length of staple both in class and the Championship. Constantine had grown 160mm in only 8 months. His first fleece histogram recorded: 16.9micron, SD 3.9micron, CV23.3%, CF100%. His fleece can be summed up in three words, uniformity, uniformity, uniformity! His sire, Fowberry Nobility, is one of the most successful males in the UK, not just for his own unbeaten show record at some of the most important shows in Europe (against 138 fawn males in total) but for his progeny winnings, amongst which, they took Fawn Male Champion three years running at the BAS National Show and also Light Female Champion. His dam, Cambridge Prada, is a big, heavy set daughter of Spartacus, who is uniquely dense-fleeced. Her four offspring are all prize winners at National level and her two boys are both successful herd-sires.
Drive By Fee: £750.00
Registered With: BAS
Huacaya Proven
Average Micron Count 20.20 microns
Standard Deviation 3.90 microns
Coefficient of Variation 19.30%
Fibres > than 30 microns 1.50%
Yield 4.90%

Sample Analysed: 6th of June 2018

Contact:   Stuart Wilson

Acton Hill Alpacas
Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire. 07989599801

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Born: 16th of May 2015 Solid White
Alakai is an amazing white Suri male, imported from Pucara International in the US in 2018. His genetics come from Pucara Kahuna, one of America's top stud males and Silkworm as his Dam. Alakai stands on an extremely solid frame, with great body capacity and substance of bone. His fleece is extremely fine, dense and lustrous with very organised lock structure and great fleece weight. Alakai has a very calm temprament, which is much desired in a stud male. Alakai started working in 2018 and has produced very promising cria in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Alakai is not at present available for outside matings
On Farm Fee: £800.00
Registered With: AOA & BAS registered
Suri Proven
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%


wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire. 07803726464

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Thisteldown Khartoum of NWS (Imp)
Born: 28th of January 2020 Solid Black
Khartoum is a true black Suri alpaca imported in to the UK in June 2021 from Molly Gardners Thisteldown herd in New Zealand. He was selected for his true to type Suri confirmation, his fineness, his extreme density, his lustre and his extreme density. I will only say one more thing about Khartoum. Judge Tim Hey at the Norther Halter Show described him as the best black Suri alpaca he had ever seen and he could find no colour contamination at all so common in black Suris. I think that should be enough to wet your appetites! Only available in 2022 through the BAS stud auction
Drive By Fee: £1,200.00
Registered With: British Alpaca Society UKBAS39269
Suri Unproven
Standard Deviation 4.40 microns
Coefficient of Variation 24.20%
Fibres > than 30 microns 127.00%
Yield 125.00%

Contact:   Neil Payne

West Wight
Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. +44 1983 760900

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