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Born: 20th of June 2019 Solid Medium Fawn
Splendid young fawn male who is well grown and should work next year. His fleece exhibits highly aligned small staples with good uniformity of micron and colour and a wonderfully soft handle. Finlo was selected for our 2020 National show team but all halter shows were cancelled. His sire is the broad ribbon winning Appledene Commander in Chief who is very fine with a 20.5 micron seventh fleece. His dam CME Hosta is a Magical Farm Dynamics daghter and has the great American males Jeremiah and Jericho is her pedigree. All alpacas leaving our farm will be Enferplex tested for bovine tb.
Registered With: British Alpaca Society BNBAS13078
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   Rachel Hebditch/Chas Brooke

Classical/MileEnd Alpacas
Tiverton, Devon. 01884 243579

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Madash Brigg * NO VAT*
Born: 31st of May 2018 Solid Dark Brown
Dark Brown intact male. Brigg is for sale as his genetics are too close to my herd. He is head collar trained, easy to handle. and has been part of my walking team. He has a good solid, well proportioned frame. His fleece is fine, bright & soft handling, with good density. His genetics would be an asset for a coloured herd. For further details view our website
Registered With: UKBAS35787
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   Maddie Ashworth

Madash Alpacas
Earls Colne, Essex. 07813 350558

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Usk Valley Grenade
Born: 11th of May 2019 Solid Medium Brown
Grenade is a well grown yearling. He stands on a solid frame and holds himself very well in the paddock. He was meant to be part of our show team for this year, and so we have high hopes for this young male. He has a dense fleece, with a high frequency crimp style, and is a solid colour. He grew an abundance of fleece on his 1st fleece and looks very smart now he has been sheared. (Fleece stats will be updated once we have received the results). Grenade is maturing fast and will work next breeding season. We still have Grenades dam, who is a very striking appaloosa, she always produces fast growing cria, and we hope this trait will be passed on to Grenades offspring.
Registered With:
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   George Morgan

Usk Valley Alpacas
Chepstow, Monmouthshire. 01600 473 222

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Born: 8th of October 2011 Solid White
Hero is a truly stunning macho male who has inherited superb traits in both conformation and fleece from his mutli-award winning parentage, including the infamous Supreme Champion Sire, Cambridge Navigator. Like his Dad, Hero is a well grown alpaca with a large, strong frame and solid bone structure. Hero's fleece is truly wonderful; it is fine, bright and highly uniform. It has exceptional density and length of staple. Hero's fleece achieved 100% comfort factor and a spinning fineness of just 15.5 micron. He is packing a huge amount of fleece on his frame, his last blanket weighing 4kg. Hero is a good-natured alpaca and easy to work with. He really is a complete package and he would complement well many females, white or coloured. Neither Hero, or his fleece, have ever been shown. A few of Hero's progeny are available to view on farm - he is throwing very bright, fine and densely fleeced progeny. His offspring are solid frame, strong bone structure and excellent conformation. Hero is solid with a fertility guarantee. You can't go wrong with this male or these genetics! He is priced to sell. Any questions, please ask.
Registered With: BAS UKBAS21649
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   Ian Giblin

Butlers Farm Alpacas
Ongar/Chelmsford, Essex. 01277 896565 / 07811 353105

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Snowshill Luka
Born: 29th of July 2015 Solid Light Fawn
Luka is a well conformed male with a nice handling, fine and reasonably dense fleece. His sire still has a superfine fleece at 11 years old.
Registered With: BAS
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   Roger Mount

Snowshill, Gloucestershire. 01386 853 841(07711044106)

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Born: 30th of June 2017 Solid Beige
Compact suri male - good conformation and substance of bone. Good fineness and density and staple length
Registered With: BAS REGISTERED: UKBAS35165
Suri Stud Male


wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire. 07803726464

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Cold Comfort Bert
Born: 26th of July 2019 Solid White
Cold Comfort Bert offers access to a unique generic package. His dam is from Alpaca Evolution heritage and his sire - Fowberry Nobility - was unbeaten in the show ring as a fawn multi-champion. Bert is impressive in size for his age and his bright, white fleece is both fine and very uniform (SD 3.4). He is halter trained and part of the Cold Comfort 2020 show team. Based on an early assessment of his fleece characteristic, conformation and temperament Bert is offered for sale as young intact male with stud potential.
Registered With: BAS No. UKBAS36027
Huacaya Young Male (Intact)

Contact:   Chris Herrmannsen

Cold Comfort
Ashford, Kent. 07802954545

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Thistledown The Earl
Born: 23rd of June 2007 Solid White
The Earl is a BAS registered breeding male but is probably a bit past it now and likes being left alone to enjoy his food and watch the world go by. He does show interest in our girls but his current fertility is unknown.
Registered With: BAS
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   Libby Sharman

Wye Valley Alpacas
Lydbrook, Gloucestershire. 07712509925

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Inca Maestro
Born: 6th of June 2018 Solid Black
Inca Maestro is a very stylish and well grown male who comes from a very distinguished family line here at Inca Alpaca. His dam is our famous female Inca Cameo who was not only a highly decorated champion but the dam of our two times supreme champion black female Inca Incognito. Inca Maestro is very well proportioned and balanced in his movement. All aspects of him conformation are correct and what one would expect from such a proven bloodline. He is a long stapled male that exhibits a bright fleece that is uniform in micron and colour. Each staple is well aligned and extremely soft to the hand. Inca Maestro is expected to work this season and he comes with a full veterinary health check and fertility guarantee. He is available for export and can be made ready with three weeks notice.
Registered With: British Alpaca Society - - UKBAS34283
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   Tim Hey

Inca Alpaca
Dorchester, Dorset. 07875 532827

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Chestnut Farm Lord of Sherwood
Born: 1st of July 2010 Solid White
Chestnut Farm Lord of Sherwood aka Woody has been a fantastic herdsire for us over the past few years. He has produced some stunning offspring who have all had very impressive fleece stats. His very first cria, Chestnut Farm Cassie is a multiple champion and a valuable asset to our core herd. We also have several more Woody daughter's who are also an important part of our core herd. After much deliberation we have decided that it is time for Woody to move on to pastures new, we will miss him very much as he has been a pleasure to work with, but we don't have a large enough quantity of females that are not related to him to warrant keeping him any longer. Woody has had success in the show ring and is a multiple supreme champion, his fleece is incredibly dense with a high frequency and high amplitude crimp with uniformity throughout the blanket and beyond, his fleece is incredibly bright, he has superb confirmation and a real look at me presence. Woody is the most decorated offspring of Wellground Close Encounter. Woody carries some excellent genetics and passes his positive attributes on to his offspring and he would be a valuable addition to any herd.
Registered With: British Alpaca Society
Huacaya Stud Male

Contact:   Kay Kirk and Daron Cram

Chestnut Farm Alpacas
Girton, Nottinghamshire. 07775924681

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